Super long life frost protection

This product is based on pure monoethylene glycol and maintains excellent antifreeze performance over a long period of time.

Super extended coolant life, often for the whole life of the engine or vehicle

It contains reliable organic acid which is slow depleting type as main corrosion inhibitor, stable phosphate, etc. It is free from potentially harmful additives such as amine, borate, nitrite and silicate and contribute to a safer environment.

Super extended corrosion protection to metal parts

It has superior performance of anti-corrosion for the metal parts of cooling liquid circuit, for example copper, steel, aluminum casting, etc. It also suppresses the blocking of the radiator and prevents overheat.

Less adversely effect on non-metal parts

It does not adversely affect the non-metal parts ofthe cooling liquid circuit, such as resin hoses, seal materials, etc.

  • It is recommended for use in engines manufactured from cast iron, aluminium or combinations of the two metals, and in cooling systems made of aluminium or copper alloys.
  • It shows excellent anti-corrosion performance between 33vol% and 50vol% dilution. Follow vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation for mixing ratio.
RECOMMENDATION OF CHANGE INTERVAL For petrol & diesel passenger cars is 4 years or 80,000 KM (min. 33vol%) while for diesel trucks is 2 years or 200,000 KM (min. 33vol%).
  • Do not top up or drain when engine is hot.
  • Do not mix with other coolants.
  • Do not use concentrated (undiluted) coolant in a combustion engine.


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